Mirasol Town Square

Project Name & Location:  Mirasol Town Square, Jog Road, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Project Manager:  Wayne Babb, Palm Beach Acquisitions, LLC & John Bills Company, 3950 RCA Blvd., Ste. 5000, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Phone Number: (561) 627-4000, (561) 694-8709 (fax), wayne@jcbills.com

Project Size: Phase I & II 120,000 s.f.

Contract Amount: Phase I:  $240,000.00

Performance Period:  April, 2005 to September, 2006

Project Completion Date Phase I:  August, 2006

Project Completion Date Phase II:  August, 2012

Project Cost:  Phase I:  $12M, Phase II:  $4M

Description:  This project by developer John Bills Enterprises, is inspired by the classically proportioned buildings of the Mediterranean regions of Old World Europe.  Bordering the entrance to the Square will be two low, arcaded buildings leading into a four story focal structure.  Axial buildings will line the two drives radiating from a central court.  At the end of each axis will be a two-story structure.  The collection of seven structures, with 120,000 SF of flexible space, makes a significant architectural statement.




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